Here is a list of the standard grinding and CNC grinding machines that we use to carry out our services:

UNIVERSAL GRINDING – Diameters Up To 450mm x 2000mm Length

All machines are equipped to grind plain, angled, radius and complex formed diameters on all materials.

CNC INTERNAL/EXTERNAL GRINDING – Diameters Up To 300mm x 1000mm Length

We can grind production quantities and complex forms on our new easy set up CNC grinding machines.

CNC SURFACE GRINDING – 600mm x 200mm x 400mm Height

We can grind production and very complex forms on our brand new CNC surface grinding machine.

SURFACE GRINDING – 1000mm x 400mm x 340mm Height

All of these machines are equipped to grind plain, angled, radius and formed surfaces on all materials.

CENTRELESS GRINDING – From 0.5mm Up To 125mm Diameter x 300mm Length

All centre-less grinding machines can grind plain and stepped diameters on components of all materials.

THREAD GRINDING – Diameters Up To 350mm x 1000mm Length

We can external grind all types of threads on all material types.

HONING – Diameters From 1.5mm Up To 100mm

Honing with our machinery bores on through or blind holes in all materials.


We offer a full tool and cutter grinding service. All type of tooling can be ground and new tooling supplied to our clients.

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